If you have not already setup your Adobe Reader, then follow these steps to complete an initial setup.

1. Download Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have it, you can find the link to it in the bottom of this website site.

2. Download the PDF file you want to read.

3. Find the PDF file you just downloaded in you PC and right click on the file and open it in Adobe acrobat.

4. After you open the PDF in Adobe acrobat, take these steps –

A. Go to edit/preference – on the left side of the new window there is an option for Reading.

B. Click on Reading and then find the Read out loud option.

C. Uncheck all default options in this section.

D. If your PC can not use the default voice, then change the voice option to Zira.

E. Click OK to save your settings.

5. After that is closed, go back up top and click View/Read out loud.

6. Scroll over to Activate read out loud.

7. Then go back to View/Read out loud / Read this page only – and it should start reading the PDF.